Gamma Boosted Clipper

Gamma Boosted Clipper

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The Gamma+ Boosted Cordless Clipper is a professional modular clipper that comes with 3 different body kits (Red, Gold, and Black) which are interchangeable for a fully customizable look. Its super torque motor runs at 7200 RPM, so it’ll power through anything. It can be zero-gapped and with its cutting length, adjustable between 4mm and zero via a thumb lever. The levers are also customizable; 2 using a click system and 1 with a floating system for length adjustment.

The Gamma+ Boosted Clipper’s 45-mm fade blade is made from diamond-like carbon (DLC) which keeps it cool, rust-free, and sharp, and is also kind to sensitive skin. The Shallow DLC blade is designed for perfectly smooth cutting. The lithium-ion battery delivers 120 minutes of run time and is fully recharged after 150 minutes using a cord, docking station, or mini-USB charger. It has a large light display that indicates the level of battery charge.


  • 1 Clipper – 3 covers (Red, Gold, Black)
  • Super-Torque Motor
  • Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade Blade
  • Next Level Customization
  • Performance Modifications
  • Battery & Mini-USB Charger
  • Premium Accessories Included – 8 Double Magnetic Guards