Wahl Cordless Barber Combo
Wahl Cordless Barber Combo

Wahl Cordless Barber Combo

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All-Black 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip: Patented Stagger-Tooth blade diffuses lines of demarcation and allows for seamless fading and blending. Ultimate blending tool with Crunch Blade Technology designed to make a crisp, crunch sound when cutting. 100-minute cutting time. All-Black 5 Star Cordless Detailer Li: Adjustable T-Wide Blade that sets to zero-gap for extremely close trimming, detailing and clean, crisp lines. Powerful, full-sized clipper motor for cutting through all hair types. 100-minute cutting time.

Key Features


  • High carbon steel blades with Titanium & DLC coatings stay sharper and cooler.
  • One cord for both units that reduces cord clutter.
  • Lithium-Ion battery.

  • Professional cord/cordless clipper
  • Professional cord/cordless trimmer
  • Power cord
  • Canvas bag
  • Styling comb
  • Pro-set tool
  • Pre-shave brush
  • 3 premium clipper guides (1/16”-3/16” / 1.5mm-4.5mm)
  • 3 trimming guides (1/16” - 3/16” / 1.5mm-4.5mm)
  • Oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Operating instructions
  • Red blade guard