Gamma Ergo

Gamma Ergo

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More features about this Clipper :

• TURBOCHARGED MAGNETIC MOTOR runs at 10,000 strokes per minute, fine-tuned for increased efficiency and performance.

• DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND FADE DLC BLADE and DLC shallow tooth cutter is highest quality, stays cooler, sharper and rust-free

• FULLY ADJUSTABLE ZERO GAP BLADE for the closest cut and finish

• LITHIUM-ION BATTERY delivers 2 hours of cordless run-time with a 105-minute rapid charge

• 5 MAGNETIC GUARDS included for maximum performance

• 3 INTERCHANGEABLE CUSTOM BODY housing options for limitless modifications ERGONIMICALLY DESIGNED for more comfortable, precise cutting

• CUSTOMIZABLE CLICK and freestyle floating lever options

• LOW NOISE AND VIBRATION for comfort and stability


• INCLUDES: DLC fade blade, DLC shallow tooth cutter, 3 lever colors, 5 magnetic guards (1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”), charging stand, mini screwdriver, cleaning/maintenance kit, and mini screwdriver